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  • Job Title

    Administration Officer

  • Location

    Bury, Lancashire

  • Posted

    2nd April 2024

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  • Salary

    G5 £23,893 to £25,119 (Pay award pending)

  • Hours

    Full Time

  • Description

    Brookhaven is now looking to recruit for an Administrative Officer to join their team. We are seeking to appoint an experienced Administrative Officer to work in the Admin Team wi ...

Headteachers Welcome

It is an honour and a privilege to be able to introduce and welcome you to our amazing new special school Brookhaven.

Everything we do at Brookhaven is underpinned by our vision, values and ethos: We believe that all children should have the opportunity to be successful, whatever their starting point. We pledge an unswerving commitment to improve, accelerate and enable ambitious life goals for all students. We aim “To be unique by design, and awesome by outcome”. 

Brookhaven is an innovative, forward thinking school based in Bury where all learners are empowered to achieve their dreams. Where we believe everyone has the potential to be extraordinary! We have a world class team that work relentlessly to make every day a magical day of learning; to suit every child's needs, to ensure they make rapid gains not only as learners across the whole curriculum but as an individuals prepared for next century living as well as the world that we live in today. It is our duty and privilege as a school and community to make a difference every day.

We as a school aim to achieve high in all that we do, as we know that it is only with such high standards and expectations that true success can be achieved. We are fortunate to benefit from a supportive community, who work together to ensure our high standards are met and provide support where it is needed.

I hope our careers site and website gives you a taste of our school, but nothing can replace seeing us in action. If you would like to visit us to get a better feel of Brookhaven, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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The School Purpose

Brookhaven School is dedicated to providing a nurturing, inclusive, and empowering environment for students with special educational needs. We are working tirelessly to create an exceptional place of learning and growth where every child can feel safe and flourish.

We are a brand new purposely build school that opened in January 2024, that will cater for up to 80 pupils with special educational needs, primarily Autism, aged between 11 to 16 years old.

Brookhaven’s Purposes

  • To provide specialist educational facilities for children who are struggling with the mainstream environment on a full time basis.
  • Act as a centre of excellence and support for the local communities and schools by providing staff training and development by ASD/SLCN specialists to help pupils remain in mainstream education through the Shaw Education Trust Institute of Education.

We have followed a comprehensive set of design principles in delivering an inspiring and sustainable place to learn and teach. The design includes:

  • This construction of a new school building and outdoor space to meet the specific needs of the students and enable every young person to achieve their full potential.
  • The use of sustainable, robust and low maintenance materials.
  • Reduced traffic and reduced noise and disturbance to neighbours.
  • Highly energy efficient and sustainable Passivhaus design approach.
  • The use of technology to create an energy efficient building which applies best practice design and industry standards.
  • The use of modular elements and off-site construction method to reduce construction programme and number of trades on site.



Our Specialist settings cater for children and young people with a wide range of Specialist Educational Needs, including profound medical needs, sensory needs and emotional and mental health needs.

All the pupils within our Specialist settings have an individualised education and are educated in small classes and groups with enhanced support to ensure that all of their needs are met. There is nothing more rewarding than being part of a team that supports a child or young person with Specialist Educational Needs to reach their goals.

Teaching, support and operations rolls all provide a wonderful opportunity to work within an establishment that has a ‘family’ feel that puts the children, young people and their families at the heart of what they do. You truly will make a difference to the life of a young person and their family.


We are part of Shaw Education Trust.

We are a growing multi-academy trust which places high achievement at the heart of all we do. We lead and manage academies in all phases, all sectors and in all communities.

To find out more about Shaw Education Trust, please CLICK HERE



Where to find us

Where to find us

Where to find us
CB24 4RS

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